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Deploy your own AI Chatbot withing seconds

Answer 90% of your customers, clients or employees questions with a simple, easy-to-use chatbot.

Import data from multiple source (docs, markdown, etc.) and get the answer you're looking for in seconds.


One of the world’s most advanced AI-based Support Chatbot

Answer 90% of your client or customer questions with a simple, easy to use chatbot.

Customer Service

Answer 90% of your customer questions

Using advanced AI language models, Fin solves complex problems and provides safer, more accurate answers than any AI bot on the market.


Multilingual customer support

Our AI chatbot will automatically detect a customer’s language and answer questions in his own language (95 languages supported)

Active in seconds

Instant answers from multiple sources

From any type of data (webpage, document....), our AI-powered chatbot can ingest content from multiple sources at once. It starts answering customer questions immediately. Nothing to do on your side.

Function Calling

Connect your chatbot to your own Tools

Interact with external systems or perform specialized tasks like generating images, fetching real-time data, or performing calculations, enhancing their capabilities beyond basic text responses.

Choose between 12 LLM models

Choose the model that best suits your needs

Different LLMs are designed with varying focuses and strengths, catering to diverse applications. With Owlbot, you can select a model that best aligns with their specific requirements, ensuring more effective and tailored outcomes.

Leads Generation

Easily generate leads from your chatbot

Our chatbot can easily generate leads for your business. It can ask for the user’s email, phone number, or any other information you need to generate leads.


Get started today

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    • As a small business owner, I wear many hats. Owlbot has freed up so much of my time by simplifying data analysis. Now I can focus more on growing my business.

      David Thompson,
      Owner of Thompson`s Groceries
       David Thompson,
    • Data privacy is a huge concern for us. Owlbot not only provided a solution to our data analysis needs but did so without compromising our data security. This is exactly what we needed.

      Emily White
      Director of IT at Secure Finance
      Emily White
    • Owlbot is a game changer. It has saved us countless hours and resources. Its efficiency and accuracy in delivering insights is unmatched.

      Laura Davis
      Lead Data Scientist at Alpha Analytics
      Laura Davis
    • I was impressed by how intuitive Owlbot is. Even our team members with no background in data analysis can now pull useful insights. This has truly democratized data in our company.

      Tom Roberts
      CTO of Green Innovations
      Tom Roberts
    • In today`s fast-paced world, customers expect immediate responses. With Owlbot, you`ll never keep a customer waiting. Our AI chatbot responds instantly, answering queries and providing information 24/7

      Peter Renolds
      Founder of West Inc
      Peter Renolds
    • Owlbot can handle multiple customer interactions at once, unlike human operators who can only manage a limited number of conversations simultaneously.

      Michael Johnson
      Project Manager at TechFlow
      Michael Johnson

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It doesn’t matter what size your business is, we have a solution for you.


Good for small businesses who just getting started.

$19 /month

  • 1 Chatbot
  • up to 2000 message per month
  • 500k word database
  • Upload multiple files
  • Website link (scrapping)

Small business

Perfect for medium sized businesses.

$39 /month

  • up to 5 Chatbot with user history
  • up to 5000 message per month
  • 2500k word database
  • Upload multiple files
  • Website link (scrapping)
  • API access
  • white label
  • various models (Mistral, OpenAI, Anthropic...)


For even the biggest enterprise companies.

$59 /month

  • up to 10 Chatbot with user history
  • up to 10000 message per month
  • 2500k word database
  • Upload multiple files
  • Website scrapping
  • API access
  • white label
  • various models (Mistral, OpenAI, Anthropic...)
  • function calling

Frequently asked questions

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, email our support team and if you’re lucky someone will get back to you.

    • What exactly does Owlbot do?

      Owlbot is an AI-powered chatbot that integrates and interprets data from various sources. It simplifies data analysis and presents insights in a user-friendly format, allowing you to make informed decisions.

    • How secure is my data with Owlbot ?

      Your data security is our top priority. Owlbot uses state-of-the-art encryption and privacy measures to ensure your data remains secure and confidential.

    • I`m not a data expert. Is Owlbot easy to use?

      Owlbot is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, making complex data analysis accessible to everyone, regardless of their data expertise.

    • How does Owlbot integrate different data sources?

      Owlbot` uses advanced algorithms to seamlessly pull and analyze data from multiple sources (website, PDF, Word, database...), providing you with comprehensive insights

    • Can Owlbot handle large volumes of data?

      Yes, Owlbot is designed to handle and analyze large datasets efficiently, delivering quick and accurate insights.

    • Can Owlbot interact with my customers?

      While the primary function of Owlbot is data analysis, it can also be programmed to interact with your customers, answering their queries and providing information based on the data it has analyzed.

    • How can I add my chatbot to my website?

      You can embed an iframe or add a chat bubble to the bottom right of your website. To do that, create a chatbot and click "Embed on website". You can also use the API to communicate with your chatbot anywhere.

    • Does it support other languages?

      Yes, Owlbot supports about 95 languages. You can have your sources in any language and ask it questions in any language.

    • Can I give my chatbots instructions?

      Yes, you can edit the base prompt and give your chatbot a name, personality traits and instructions on how to answer questions ex. (only answer in Chineese).